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Ensuring Safety, Service 

& Quality for Over 

26 Years

Established in 1996

Professional Caulking Services in the HRM

Providing high quality and comprehensive waterproofing services for our clients requires a full array of knowledge, experience, skills, materials, and techniques—which makes SkyReach unique in the industry.

We offer a single source solution for each of our clients' waterproofing and restoration needs. We’re committed to meeting budgets and time constraints with minimal disruption to daily activities. We also make sure that all projects are completed to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our extensive list of waterproofing and restoration services includes:

  • Expansion joint replacement

  • Glazing

  • Replacement of sealants

By providing the most effective solutions, we are able to prevent unnecessary deterioration while extending the life of your structures and, at the same time, enhancing their appearance.

Tell us about your building maintenance needs!
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